Are you looking for an opportunity to work in development or peace work? If so, you need look no further. As one of the leading personnel service providers for international cooperation, we recruit qualified professionals abroad in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG).

As a development worker, you will put your skills at the disposal of national partner organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. For example, you might be helping to optimise project management or organisational structures. Or to bring about reconciliation processes in civil war areas or to document human rights abuses. Or to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between different religious communities. Or to give a voice to victims of resource overexploitation.

You will spend three years as a development worker in the host country, helping local partners to enhance the effectiveness of their programmes.

Preparing to make a difference

As an experienced player in international cooperation, we will place you with an employer in the relevant host country. For the most part, these are church and civil society organisations. We will also prepare you for your placement with individual personnel development plans designed for the partner country in question and taking into account your individual needs. You will receive technical, language and country-specific training as well as various personal coaching options. The support we provide also extends to your family – in the form of extensive social security benefits for your spouse and children.

    Services for development workers

    • External and internal development service training
    • Individual preparation plans and consulting
    • Large range of in-house seminars and external programmes, for example in cooperation with Dienste in Übersee gGmbH
    • Coaching
    • Language instruction (usually in local languages)



    Find out about our seminars for development workers active in development service.

    We will familiarise you with the required skills and interaction methods, e.g. with your future colleagues in the partner organisation.



    Our “development cooperation” placements

    What do we expect from you? In order to work in “development cooperation”, you should have a good professional qualification and at least two years’ professional experience in Germany and/or abroad. Development workers returning from other development cooperation assignments abroad are also welcome. We offer development cooperation positions for economists, sociologists, political scientists, psychologists, peace and conflict researchers, journalists, social workers, theologists and many other professional groups.

    Main points of focus:

    • Organisational development
    • Educational work
    • Peace and reconciliation work
    • Healthcare
    • Humanitarian aid
    • Environment and climate protection
    • Democracy promotion
    • Communication and media/PR work
    • Project management and financial administration
    • Psychosocial and trauma work

    Experience the world – our job opportunities

    Whether Africa, Latin America, Asia or Europe, you will be immersed wholly in the culture of your host country, working together closely with local people there. At the same time, you will gain valuable experience that will stand you in good stead both in your personal life and throughout your career. In this way, you can use your skills and your personality for a meaningful, rewarding assignment – one that offers financial security and social benefits. At the end of your project, we will provide reintegration assistance for both you and your family. Generally speaking, you will receive a preparation contract for the preparation period, which takes around three months on average. During this time, you will acquire further qualifications which will help you to bring out the best in your work.

    Looking for more than just a job in development cooperation?

    Are you interested in working to ensure a bright future and good quality of life for people around the world? Would you like to share your knowledge and skills with people in other countries – and do you feel the need to channel your energy into meaningful work and sustainable development? While at the same time encountering new perspectives, experiencing new situations and …




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