On the basis of the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG), AGIAMONDO recruits qualified professionals for international cooperations between church and civil society organisations. In addition, we provide expert consulting on all questions relating to personnel cooperation – and have done since 1959. Back then, we were still operating as AGEH but changed our name to AGIAMONDO in 2019. Our programme aims to help church and civil society organisations worldwide to work on solutions for shaping socio-ecological change in a professional and innovative manner, making full use of global networking opportunities. AGIAMONDO is the only Catholic organisation among the state-recognised development services. Every year, AGIAMONDO recruits up to 280 development workers for organisations in 60 countries.


Voluntary International Services (fid) 

AGIAMONDO’s Voluntary International Services (fid) is the point of contact for organisations that recruit volunteers for service work abroad. It advises support organisations on establishing and expanding their international voluntary services and lobbies for them politically.

Civil Peace Service

In the Civil Peace Service (CPS), which is financed by the German government, AGIAMONDO works together with national partner organisations to develop sustainable programmes for peace and human rights work.

Who? Our clients

We recruit development workers above all for Catholic agencies, dioceses, orders and church initiatives. And advise these on all questions relating to personnel cooperation. It is not only Catholic partners that put their trust in us. AGIAMONDO also recruits development workers for non-governmental organisations and for local socially active groups that are involved in development cooperation.

How? Working for socio-ecological change

Together with local partners, AGIAMONDO development workers apply their skills and expertise to creating a more peaceful society and promoting social and ecological change processes. In doing so, it is based on Christian values and sets great store by meaningful and socially important work.

What? Expert advice and learning

Our development workers are active in all areas that are of vital importance for a healthy, peaceful and sustainable life:

  • Infrastructure and education
  • Peace and reconciliation work
  • Healthcare and humanitarian aid
  • Environment and climate protection
  • Economic growth and democratisation
  • Communication and PR work
  • Project management and financial administration
  • Psychological support

Where? Working and providing expert advice all over the world

Our development workers concern themselves with social and ecological questions and are active in the field of peace work and non-violent conflict management. They make their skills available to partner organisations throughout the world. We deploy personnel in all directions. From Europe to Africa, Asia and Latin America and vice versa – with an increased focus within individual continents in future. Our main points of focus:

  1. Recruiting development workers based on the terms of the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG)
  2. South-North placement, i.e. recruiting development workers from the Global South to work in church organisations and NGOs in Europe
  3. Providing personnel consulting for partner organisations all over the world with a view to establishing worldwide multi-player partnerships
  4. Domestic agency for German civil society organisations

"Guidelines for Development Workers"