Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus - Supporting partners competently and in solidarity

The Corona pandemic is the biggest global health crisis in decades. It clearly shows that we as an international community share a common destiny. The virus does not know national borders; we can only defeat it in a joint effort. Thus, in the field of international cooperation we must continue to work together closely and focus on solidarity to prevent and overcome such health crises, to fight global injustices and to resolve conflicts without violence.

As a consequence, we are convinced that personal development cooperation and especially peace work are becoming increasingly important.

Now more than ever, skilled peace and development workers are needed to support our partners on the ground in their commitment to social development, peace and environmental change.

Almost all of our peace and development workers are currently working on site in the partner countries.  Observing hygiene rules, they are predominantly working in the offices of their partner organisations. International travel is partly restricted and quarantine regulations must be observed when entering certain countries. Responsibly and together with our partners, we check in each individual case whether it is possible to travel to the partner country.

However, even in this special situation, we are happy to accept your application via our online application portal. You will find a link button in the bottom right-hand corner of each job advertisement that will take you to the portal. We currently conduct the selection procedure online. Our seminars are currently held in presence.

Current information on vaccinations:

We consider the Corona vaccination to be an important contribution to your personal protection – and the protection of our partner organizations. Moreover, we are striving not to increase the pressure on the sometimes heavily burdened health systems in the partner countries. 

Last but not least, vaccinations are also crucial as they allow for planning security as far as accommodation, care and seminars in Cologne-Deutz are concerned.

Therefore, before you leave your home country as a peace and development worker for AGIAMONDO, we expect you to participate in the obligatory preparatory courses at our AGIAMONDO campus in Deutz. And we as hosts being responsible for our seminar house refer you to the Corona protection regulations which are currently in force in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In concrete terms this means: If you apply for a post and plan to travel with us, you should already be fully vaccinated against Corona – or be prepared to be vaccinated before you start your preparation.