All progress begins and ends with people. Change comes about through interaction and dialogue. We recruit development workers worldwide who work together with partner organisations on solutions for more social and ecological justice in a professional and innovative manner, making full use of global networking opportunities.

Our values – Christian

Our work is based on Christian values and the Catholic faith. Justice, peace, charity and preservation of creation are fundamental values for us – values that guide AGIAMONDO development workers in their efforts. The holistic nature of church solidarity with poor people and the resulting development cooperation work is not conceivable without human interaction. Which is why learning and taking action together is essential for development.

Our vision – a service to the world

Our vision is to create a fair, mutually supportive and globally connected world. We see the efforts of the development workers that we recruit as a service to the world. We see volunteers, development workers and partners in the global South and North as promoting global development. They join forces to ensure that “our common home” remains liveable (Laudato Si’ encyclical letter). To this end, AGIAMONDO development workers provide valuable support to local organisations in their socially active work. For us, learning and taking action together is the key to sustainable development.