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Personnel and recruitment projects have to fit together. To find the right person to match a particular international cooperation project, we analyse the situation and the roles involved, manage the search and selection of candidates and draw up the contracts. We prepare the development workers, assisting them throughout the process and sorting out any financing issues.


Situation analysis: first the mission, then the person

What issues should the candidate focus on? How can the development worker improve the situation? What tasks are expected of the recruit – and for what period of time? The first step is always to clarify the situation and the requirements. AGIAMONDO will help you here with 60 years of experience as a personnel service provider. Our basic rule of thumb: first the mission, then the person.


Clarifying the roles: first the goals, then the profile

What is the goal of the international cooperation? Who are the employers and where and in what area are they active? What is the role of the development worker? In the next consulting step, we clarify the roles of all parties involved. This also includes analysing the profile of the development worker with regard to effectiveness and objectives.


Choice of personnel: from advertising the position to drawing up the contract

We are a personnel service that handles the entire recruitment process – from advertising positions to the selection process and applicant analyses. The recruitment decision-making process involves both the sponsors and the future employers. Then we draw up the contract. Professional qualifications play just as big a role in the selection process as the individual candidate’s personal motivation and personality.


Preparation: from language proficiency to cultural awareness

What other skills do development workers need? Do they need to brush up on their language skills? How should development workers behave in the event of a crisis? What is the situation in the host country? Our services include intensive preparation. This is based on what is known as a preparation contract, which is usually concluded for a period of three months, during which time the development worker(s) will be given the requisite conditions to work successfully with partners in the host country.

In their work with partner organisations, international development workers bring to the table the very skills required to achieve this: a critical view from the outside and a strong sense of impartiality.

Dr Claudia Lücking-Michel

Funding for development workers

We advise NGOs and church partners, such as dioceses, on funding to meet their personnel requirements. As well as this, we prepare cost calculations, support organisations in the search for co-financing, help with the application process and review all the paperwork.


Co-financing of up to 70 percent

Up to 70 percent of the development cooperation costs outlined in the contract are eligible for co-financing for church partners. The funds come from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and are distributed through the Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid (KZE). Catholic executing agencies only contribute 30 percent plus a 10 percent administrative fee for our services in the areas of project assessment, administration and personnel placement.


You submit the application, we review it.

If you are seeking co-financing, please submit an application to AGIAMONDO. We will review your project based on developmental criteria. The Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid (KZE) and/or MISEREOR will decide whether to approve your application, all in accordance with German laws on government subsidies. The recruitment of personnel and the administrative and accounting services are provided by AGIAMONDO. The financial assistance is based on the costs of a three-year contract for a development worker. It is possible to obtain an extension of up to three additional years.


Who may submit applications for funding?

  • German Catholic dioceses
  • German Catholic parishes
  • The Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) and its member organisations
  • Non-governmental development organisations associated with the above-mentioned entities, but which do not themselves have access to public funds for the international recruitment and deployment of personnel


Eligible personnel requirements in development cooperation

The programme must meet specific criteria to qualify for financial support for the hiring of personnel:

  • The responsibility for executing the project lies with partners in the host country
  • The mission and objective are highly relevant from a development policy perspective
  • There is networking with other players or programmes in the field of development work
  • The results aim to achieve a lasting impact
  • The development policy work is of a model nature or has a broad impact, e.g. by providing training for local development workers


If you have an eligible project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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