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AGIAMONDO is at hand to help church and non-governmental organisations to find qualified, highly motivated people for resolving urgent social, ecological and conflict problems in the world. Based on the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG), we recruit development workers for projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe as well as experts from these countries for projects in Germany and other European countries. We advise organisations all over the world in questions regarding personnel recruitment and training. And in future, we will be focusing even more of our efforts on associations and institutions that are aiming to contribute to socio-ecological change in Germany and Europe.


Recruitment in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG)

AGIAMONDO recruits development workers for international development cooperation assignments based on the German Development Aid Workers Act. We advise our partners on all questions regarding personnel cooperation – from the initial idea and financing until their return from the host country. We allow you to benefit from the advantages of the German Development Aid Workers Act: Financing the overall preparation of development workers, subsidised and customised insurance coverage, seamless continuation of protection for public social security and the security of a state-supported service abroad as well.

Here is what we do:

  • Clarify the goals and responsibilities of the personnel project
  • Develop a search profile
  • Recruit personnel
  • Draft contracts
  • Organise insurance policies and social security for development workers and their families
  • Provide financing and co-financing options for church partners
  • Train development workers
  • Provide assistance to development workers in the event of emergencies and security crises
  • Monitor work performance
  • Assist returnees with reintegration and career planning

We recruit expert personnel to assist partners in the host country in reaching their development objectives by independent and participative means. For example, the development workers help to shape social and ecological change in a way that is both sustainable and people-friendly. However, they also help to assist people and communities in specific emergency situations in the medium to long term and to establish efficient local structures. Or they provide expert advice on complex social and political processes. Our development workers are equally committed to Agenda 2030 and to Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter “Laudato si’”. They hear “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” and work together with local partners for greater participation and better living conditions. And strive for peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Here, there is a growing focus on changes to living environments brought about by the climate crisis and the destruction of the environment.

Looking for personnel or a new challenge?

Are you looking for personnel for a project in the field of development cooperation? For example a sociologist, lawyer, psychologist, project manager, non-profit manager or trainer? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Personnel Recruitment

Michael Detscher


Smart change of perspective. Development workers from the South

AGIAMONDO offers German and international partners the option of recruiting development workers from the South for assignments in German non-government and especially church organisations. These development workers from Africa, Asia or Latin America contribute their expertise and their cultural and social background to the work undertaken by German NGOs in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together with German and European colleagues, they work for two or three years on social issues, such as dealing with the climate crisis, with resources or political changes. Their return to networks and organisations in their home country is a fixed part of the programme. As well-networked partners, they can use their new skills very efficiently for the benefit of people in their home country.


Stronger networks: expert advice for partners worldwide

As a consultant, AGIAMONDO helps church and non-religious organisations all over the world to find qualified development workers themselves or to put them at each other’s disposal. This is because, if similar problems exist in different parts of the world, networking swiftly with like-minded players and organisations and taking part and interacting within the communities all help to achieve the goal in question. AGIAMONDO is able to draw on its vast experience in international personnel cooperation and to access its worldwide network of motivated people and organisations.


Socio-ecological agency

The kind of experience that development workers have garnered abroad is also much in demand in Germany: together with partners, they develop new practical skills and have expertise in empowerment. Because of this, we aim to build up, over the coming years, an agency that can provide personnel and expert advice that will allow civil society organisations to achieve their ecological, democratic and social objectives in Germany.

After all, a strong civil society is the cornerstone of both democracy and ecologically and socially sustainable development – including in Germany and Europe. The wealth of experience gained by returning development workers, Civil Peace Service experts and social service volunteers can be a valuable component for civil society associations and organisations. The development workers provide new momentum. Their commitment, their ability to cope with stress and their creativity will inject new energy into the discourse and broaden the organisation’s perspective.