The major guiding goals of social development such as the 2030 Agenda, Pope Francis' call for conversion in 2015 with the encyclical Laudato Si' and the latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti in 2020 call for courageous decisions by those responsible in politics, business, culture and a movement of change promoted and supported by religious communities and civil society, especially in Germany. They demand concrete changes in attitude and action from every single citizen.

AGIAMONDO's work, which is geared towards supporting this necessary social transformation, is linked to concrete development policy goals of churches, civil society and the German government. Networking and dialogue at local, national and international level promotes social change and strengthens social action with people in this sense. AGIAMONDO places itself and former AGIAMONDO experts in dialogue with other actors to develop room for manoeuvre for citizens, groups and organisations in order to promote a change of perspective between the different ways in which people are affected by globalisation, to open up fields of learning, to give impulses and to win over new interested parties.

Former AGIAMONDO experts are active in Germany and worldwide in church organisations as well as other civil society organisations. They make effective and relevant contributions to sustainable development, among other things, due to their knowledge of experience as returned professionals. AGIAMONDO promotes the commitment of former professionals and makes it more visible. Valuable experiences from service in the spirit of Laudato Si' and the 2030 Agenda have always been used directly for work in communities, networks, educational institutions, media and committees and thus made accessible to a broad public. With the former professionals, AGIAMONDO illustrates in a public-spirited way how returned professionals are effective, for example, against right-wing populism and promote social and ecological change.

If you, as a former professional, have concrete suggestions and would like to network beyond the invitations we regularly send out to alumni, for example to our annual summer meeting, please get in touch. There are regular exchange meetings. It is also possible to initiate new activities, to network with other alumni and to open dialogue with others.