The world is in bad shape: a yawning chasm between rich and poor, unequal distribution of power and resources, rights curtailed by politics and business, climate crisis and rapid species extinction. All problems caused by humans. And only solvable by humans. Our development workers hear “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” (Laudatio si’, Pope Francis). They channel their passion into working for fair living conditions and protecting our planet – worldwide.

Social, ecological and peaceful perspectives

Our development workers address social, ecological and conflict issues. Their outlook and perspectives are clearly demonstrated in their work. Their expertise and dialogue capability pave the way for more original thinking, creating productive friction and leading to sustainable solutions to problems in the host country. These kind of skills are in demand all over the world – both in the South and in the North. Which is why we deploy personnel in all directions. From Europe to Africa, Asia and Latin America and vice versa – and with an increased focus within individual countries themselves.

Recruiting European development workers

In dialogue with European clients and non-European partner organisations, we recruit development workers for international development cooperation assignments based on the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG).

Recruitment of foreign development workers to Europe

We recruit development workers from Africa, Asia and Latin America for organisations in Germany and other European countries – this is known as South-North placement. These experts contribute new points of view and can draw on their wealth of new experiences when they return to their home country.

Personnel service for social work, environment and peace – worldwide

AGIAMONDO also recruits qualified personnel for church and non-state organisations that are looking for assistance in resolving socio-ecological assignments, with peace work or questions regarding organisational development worldwide.




Providing personnel consulting for partner organisations all over the world

We provide expert advice on personnel matters to organisations around the globe. Our expert consulting allows dioceses, missions, NGOs, etc., in Africa, Asia and Latin America to network with one another and to develop strategies so that they can place their personnel at each other’s disposal.


Domestic agency for placing development workers with German civil society organisations

In future, our development workers will be drawing to an even greater extent on their global experience and creativity to assist German civil society organisations in their work. These include associations, NGOs or church organisations.

At the heart of all projects and programmes are people who develop ideas and join forces with others to shape change.

‎Dr Claudia Lücking-Michel, Managing Director of AGIAMONDO