Working in the CPS

Are you looking to pursue a career in peace work? What are your new responsibilities and what skills and qualifications are you required to bring to the job? As a CPS development worker, you will assist Christian and/or civil society partners in crisis and conflict regions throughout all phases of conflict – from preventing conflicts to reducing acute violence and promoting post-conflict rehabilitation. An assignment as a CPS development worker generally lasts 3 years.

Typical responsibilities in the Civil Peace Service

  • Developing concepts for civil conflict management
  • Designing and conducting training sessions and workshops
  • Drawing up a curriculum that relates to peace and conflict work
  • Strengthening legal standards
  • Fostering the resocialisation of former combatants
  • Promoting peace education
  • Providing psychosocial care for survivors and victims of violence
  • Initiating dialogue between conflicting parties
  • Empowering marginalised groups
  • Developing and participating in radio and/or theatre projects 
  • Developing educational museum concepts for dealing with the violent past
  • Offering conflict-sensitive training for journalists
  • Strengthening human rights

Professional and life experience

As a CPS development worker you will be assigned to conflict areas, in a foreign cultural environment. Working with partner organisations places high demands on staff, both at a personal and a professional level. So it is essential that you have proven peacebuilding skills and previous professional and life experience. As a rule, you should have a degree from an institution of higher education. You should also have outstanding skills in relevant areas like adult education, organisational development, network building, public relations and the planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects. But it is just as important that you are mentally and physically fit and have a high level of social skills.

A productive outside influence

We and our development workers are well aware that lasting peace can only flourish and develop from within a society. Only the people living in the societies afflicted by conflict can secure and safeguard peace. Peace activities that are undertaken by those directly affected are more effective and sustainable. We work with local initiatives that foster stability and reconciliation.

But CPS development workers come from the outside and are not involved in pre-existing conflict situations. Their productive outside influence and networking potential are important resources for the peace work of the partners.

Religion as a resource

The AGIAMONDO Civil Peace Service is inspired by Catholic traditions. Religion and spirituality, and the ethical values and principles that stem from these beliefs, are important resources in the work of our church partners and many of our civil society partner organisations. Accordingly, AGIAMONDO is particularly interested in recruiting religiously motivated development workers for its partners.

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