Benefits for development workers

We recruit development workers in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG). This specifies the benefits for development workers – from subsistence allowance and social benefits to covering school costs for your children. We would be happy to talk to you to determine the exact financial contractual benefits for you. As well as this, AGIAMONDO provides additional benefits such as personnel development, which extends from preparing for working abroad to reintegration assistance for returnees.

Subsistence allowance and additional allowances

You will receive a monthly subsistence allowance for your involvement in development cooperation work. The size of this allowance will depend on your family status, maintenance obligations, vocational qualifications and professional experience. In addition to the subsistence allowance, which you will receive 12 times a year (including a pro rata 13th monthly allowance before Christmas), you may receive cost-of-living allowances for yourself, any accompanying dependent family members, partners and children for whom you still receive a children’s allowance, and possible additional allowances, e.g. for specific tasks. You will also continue to receive a children’s allowance – this will not be offset against the subsistence allowance.

We will also help to cover the cost of storing your furniture during your time abroad and of furnishing and decorating your accommodation.

In addition to personal furnishings, the following allowance for furnishing and decorating will be provided for each of the first three contractual years:

€520      For the development worker

€260      For the spouse accompanying him/her

€130      For each child accompanying him/her

Social benefits

You will be fully insured for social security. Statutory health and long-term care insurance will be put on hold and contributions will continue to be paid into your pension insurance and statutory accident insurance. At the end of your contractual period, you will also be entitled to benefits from the Federal Employment Agency as per German unemployment insurance. In addition, the foreign risk will be covered by taking out a health, accident and liability insurance policy. This shall also apply for any family members accompanying you. We will take out additional insurance on your behalf and will pay or reimburse the contributions to the insurance policies in question. If you have private health insurance, the reimbursed amount will be no more than the maximum contributions for health insurance scheme AOK Köln valid at the time.

Private insurance policies

In addition to statutory insurance, AGIAMONDO will take out further insurance policies for you (and, if accompanying you in the host country, your partner and your children), including occupational and personal liability insurance and a private accident insurance policy that also covers passive ground war risk.

Training and further education

We will provide you with excellent training opportunities in preparation for and during your development work abroad. When you return from abroad, you will also be given professional and personal reorientation assistance. We will cover the costs for training measures, including any travel expenses.

Rent and incidental expenditure

We will cover the costs for your accommodation in the host country, including energy and water costs.

Benefits for your children

You will receive an allowance for any kindergarten, school or daycare costs incurred for dependent children. As well as this, your children will be covered by our health and liability insurance.

Reintegration allowance

After the contract has been fulfilled, you will be entitled to a reintegration allowance for each month of service. This allowance is staggered according to family status: for example, a development worker travelling to the host country alone will receive €220 a month.

 You can also make use of the programme for returning development workers offered by Bonn-based organisation Förderungswerk.

Preventative healthcare

AGIAMONDO will cover the cost of medical examinations and vaccinations. Good to know: before departing for the host country, you must complete a health check and have the required vaccinations – generally speaking, this is performed by a tropical medicine specialist.

Additional benefits

We will also provide you with practical utensils, for example a mosquito tent, a medicine cabinet and a first-aid kit.

Transport and visa

We will cover all travel expenses and visa fees for you, your partner and your children. This also includes transporting your luggage: up to 100 kg per accompanying person (50 kg for children under 13).