Subsistence-allowance calculator

Development workers perform a special service. The framework conditions for the specialist service in solidarity are determined by German Development Aid Workers Act (EhfG) – including benefits and insurance for development workers.

In addition to social benefits, development workers receive a subsistence allowance that ensures a decent living. Additional benefits, e.g. rent and incidental expenditures, can also be paid in the host country.

Would you like to know the amount of maintenance benefits you are likely to receive in the event of employment as a development worker? We invite you to use our non-binding calculator. The calculator will determine your estimated subsistence allowance based on the details you provide. Please take into account: The sum identified is a non-binding calculation and may differ from a concrete calculation of the subsistence amount for a specific position. The requirements for development workers are specific to the particular position and cannot be displayed with the aid of this calculator.


Anticipated monthly calculation of benefits:

  • Cost coverage of rental and ancillary costs (usually)
  • Benefit package of social benefits
  • Cost-of-living allowance
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Further possible: cost-of-living allowance

To cover the cost of living in the host country of employment, what is referred to as a ‘cost-of-living allowance’ may be paid in addition to the subsistence allowance. This is the payment of an additional percentage, above and beyond the subsistence allowance, based on a comparison of the cost of living in Germany and that of the host country. The cost-of-living allowance is set quarterly by the German Federal Statistical Office. You will receive a valid statement of the percentage of the cost-of-living allowance as part of the recruitment procedure.

In addition to financial benefits, all development workers and their family members travelling with them are entitled to a comprehensive package of social benefits. Before you become an AGIAMONDO development worker, you will be provided with extensive information about the financial and social benefits you can expect.