After completing your assignment in the host country, you will receive a wide range of benefits designed to help you make use of your recent experiences in your private life and career. Your desk officer will provide you with individual advice and you will be given the chance to attend a conference together with other returning development workers and experienced moderators – here, you can evaluate your experiences and newly acquired knowledge from your work abroad. AGIAMONDO also offers many different possibilities for drawing on the wealth of your newly acquired knowledge to work for socio-ecological change in your new living and working environment. To this end, AGIAMONDO provides strategic and needs-oriented advice and promotes networking and active involvement.

AGIAMONDO is also a member of the Association of German Development Services (AGdD). Together with other development workers who have returned from abroad, you can take part in special returnee seminars that are designed to generate new momentum, to allow you to interact with others and to give you additional advice for your career. The seminars deal with career planning, training planning and job searches.

Before, during and afterwards: AGdD

Umbrella organisation AGdD works to ensure political support for and social recognition of your Civil Peace Service and development work. And will help you to adapt to life in your home country again.