Local Security Management, personal safety and self-care

Experts in international personnel cooperation often live and work in areas with increased risk potential. This training provides general and AGIAMONDO-specific information on local security management and personal safety and self-care.

In the first two days the basics for the preparation of a „Local Security Plan“ (LSP) are worked out, which each specialist develops with colleagues and partners* on site. This strengthens the systematic analysis of risks. In a next step, the participants are introduced to the topic of „Sexual and Gender Based Violence/ SGBV“, before the third day is devoted to the practical aspects of „First Aid“. In the „De-escalation“ module on the fourth day, the participants learn to develop a sense for dangerous situations using examples from everyday life, to react appropriately and to protect themselves from violence in the long term.

An essential part of the training is the topic „Stress & Resilience“ on the last day: the origin and effects of stress, situational and long-term handling of stress and strengthening one‘s own resilience. The individual topics are closely interlinked, so that the participants gain a holistic understanding of security management, prevention and reaction, and thus their own resilience can be holistically strengthened.


  • The participants know the basics of Local Security Plans (LSPs) and are able to develop and implement their own LSPs in cooperation with their partners and colleagues
  • Knowledge and sensitisation on „Sexual and Gender based Violence/ SGBV“ are conveyed and encouraged
  • Knowledge and basic skills of health maintenance and first aid are learned
  • De-escalating behaviour in critical situations is practised, among other things by simulations
  • The signal effect of one‘s own charisma on others is recognised
  • Possibilities and measures to improve personal security abroad are learned and applied, if possible.
  • Advanced skills in self-care, stress management and burnout prevention
  • The recognition of and dealing with trauma and traumatised people is practised
  • Possibilities for mutual support among colleagues become clear


  • International development and peace workers from AGIAMONDO and other personnel sending organisations


1002,00 Euro board and lodging not included




27/09/2021 - 01/10/2021

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