Impact-oriented Project Management "Managing Outcomes" in the Civil Peace Service of AGIAMONDO (CPS)

For some, analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation (APME) is nothing more than a chore imposed by an external funder to control the partner organisation. Others implement APME systems because they want to learn what works and under what circumstances they can achieve intended impacts.

Every project moves between these two poles, between accountability and learning. Professional project management should address both concerns. Regardless of this, all those involved have one thing in common: whether partner organisation, professional or financier – everyone wants to achieve intended effects through their commitment, or at least contribute effectively to them. But what exactly is impact and how can impact be achieved? Can impact be planned? How can it be observed and measured?

These fundamental questions will be explored in the seminar. AGIAMONDO has developed „MANAGING OUTCOMES“ for the APME of AGIAMONDO-CPS together with APME experts in the different country programmes as its own approach. Participants learn about and apply „MANAGING OUTCOMES“. „MANAGING OUTCOMES“ is based on the method „Outcome Mapping“, which has become increasingly important in peace and development services. The application of „MANAGING OUTCOMES“ is practised in practical work units. The AGIAMONDO manual „Managing Outcomes“ (2019) is available to participants in four languages.


  • The participants have acquired and exchanged knowledge about APME in general and about „MANAGING OUTCOMES“ in particular.
  • The participants know the benefits and challenges of conflict analysis and impact-oriented project management.
  • The participants are enabled to apply this knowledge as needed in practical work on site.


  • Professionals of the Civil Peace Service (CPS)
  • Professionals in international cooperation
  • Staff of relief agencies and other non-governmental organisations


763,00 € without accommodation




12/12/2022 - 16/12/2022

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