Social pedagogue for the promotion of youth groups (f/m/x), Ipiales, Colombia

Ipiales, Colombia
Pastoral Social Ipiales
3 Years
Social pedagogue for the promotion of youth groups (f/m/x), Ipiales, Colombia
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Specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:

  • Accompany and support existing youth groups and young adults. Through the conscious introduction of peace pedagogical methods, you will help them to recognize their potential and perspectives, promote an ecological awareness as well as their self-determination.
  • Assist youth and young adults in developing conflict and contextual analysis and planning transformative actions to promote peace and their own life aspirations.
  • Providing knowledge and methods for socio-political analysis and contextualization in the region to the competent bodies in social pastoral care.
  • Support civil society (e.g. local peace committees) in the communities to strengthen their political participation and local peace work.
  • Financial responsibility (proper spending and management) on the ground together with the Diocese of Ipiales according to donor guidelines and AGIAMONDO requirements.


Your profile

  • You have a university degree e.g. in psychology, social work, social pedagogy, social and / or political sciences, sociology or a comparable subject and relevant experience abroad, ideally in Latin America.
  • You have several years of professional experience in promoting and accompanying youth groups and young people in situations of transition, especially on topics such as political self-determination and organization, self-care and development of life plans.
  • You bring knowledge in peace pedagogical methods, especially for the promotion of political participation.
  • Experience in cultural education, networking, political incidence work, environmental awareness or ecology is highly welcome.
  • You have a very good knowledge of Spanish and are willing to travel regularly to rural regions of Colombia; knowledge of English and German is a plus.
  • You are a citizen of the European Union or Switzerland, can move appropriately in a church environment and identify with the goals and concerns of church development and peace work.


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Our benefits - your impetus

We want you to feel good working with us:

Subsistence payments

12 subsistence payments (and a prorated 13th) are based on your degree, experience, marital status, and your obligations to support your dependants. Other allowances will be considered on an individual basis.

Social benefits

Social insurance includes statutory pension, accident and unemployment insurance as well as health insurance for you and the dependants accompanying you.

Private insurance

In addition to statutory insurance, we also take out private insurance including professional and personal liability as well as accident insurance.

Personnel development

Individual seminars including language and safety courses ensure your personal development and effectively strengthen your work on location.

Health care

We bear the costs for medical examinations, the health check beforehand and vaccinations to ensure you are perfectly prepared for your assignment.

Cost coverage

We bear the costs for rent and consumption. The pro-rata costs for furnishing your accommodation depend on the number of people living there.

"The most awesome thing is when an idea emerges from different points of view"

CPS-worker about her daily work and life in Kenya

Your work with AGIAMONDO and Pastoral Social Ipiales

Responsible and challenging

AGIAMONDO is the personnel service of German Catholics for development cooperation. In the Civil Peace Service (CPS), we offer professionals the opportunity for meaningful service in cooperation with local development actors. The CPS is a personnel program for violence prevention and peacebuilding in crisis and conflict regions. It works for a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Together with church and civil society partner organizations in Colombia, AGIAMONDO wants to contribute to the civil conflict resolution there and to the sustainable and just development of the country through peacebuilding measures.


Since the peace agreement signed with FARC in 2016, many of the former combatants have laid down their arms. Nevertheless, many armed groups remain active throughout the country, pursuing different political and economic interests. In rural areas, these groups try to strengthen their forces by recruiting young people and using them for their own purposes. It is very difficult for young people to resist these recruitments, both because of a lack of other income opportunities and because of a lack of educational opportunities. Lack of political influence and a life in a perpetuating threat situation prevent in many cases a self-determined life.

With your help, the Pastoral Social Ipiales would like to strengthen and expand the accompaniment and promotion of the youth groups (age 16-28). The adolescents and young adults should get a clearer picture and understanding of their own reality. Through the use of pedagogical methods, they should help support local peace initiatives and implement their own non-violent and self-determined life plans. 

From the application to the preparation contract

How can I apply?

We will gladly accept your online application. You will receive feedback approximately 14 days after the application deadline.

What follows positive feedback?

We will invite you to the next available selection day. You will receive information about the procedure in advance.

What do the selection days involve?

Over the course of two days, we will provide you with specific information about the conditions and framework. We will also conduct selection interviews with you.

What happens after that?

If we consider you to be a good match for the assignment, we will request your consent to introduce you to the partner organisation. You will then receive a contract for the preparation period.

What does preparation include?

All specialists receive extensive training for 3 - 4 months in Cologne to prepare them intensively for their assignment.



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